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Solutions 42 is a boutique XAI company focused on security, long-term performance and transparency. We understand that AI has the potential to transform industries and improve people's lives, but it must be developed and deployed responsibly. Our team of experts includes deep learning researchers, data scientists, and software engineers, who work together to design, develop, and implement solutions tailored for our clients.

Let our Red Team audit your AI system

At Solutions 42, we understand the importance of rigorous testing and evaluation of AI models to ensure their security, reliability, and effectiveness. That's why we have a dedicated Red Team that specializes in testing and improving the security of AI systems. Our Red Team is conducting simulated attacks and penetration testing to identify and address potential security or performance flaws before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Let our Blue Team develop AI models for you

Our talented Blue Team develops new ML models that are both effective and explainable. We use AutoML techniques to automate the development, monitoring and updating of predictive models. The transfer of knowledge between different problems allows for the most effective possible use of any available data.

Efficient use of resources

Data, energy, infrastructure, these are scarce resources. They cannot be wasted by acting blindly. At Solutions 42, we are committed to using resources efficiently and minimizing our environmental impact. We understand that the development and deployment of AI solutions can have significant energy and resource requirements, and we strive to minimize our footprint while still delivering high-quality results. One of the ways we achieve this is by optimizing our AI algorithms and models to reduce data requirements, computational and energy costs.

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